Sabrina Tacci is an Italian artist  painter, she was born on 6 June 1966 near Turin.

My artistic adventure began in Tuscany under the strong influence of the “Moon land”, Lunigiana, the small sub-region where my family moved to when I was 8 years old.

When I had reached the age of 18, I left my family home to work in theatre and perform as a mime, so I moved  to live in La Spezia, a small city in Liguria, close to the “Golfo dei Poeti” .

At the same time, I decided to attend the “Accademia di Belle Arti” (Art Academy) of Carrara, to pursue what had been my dream and passion since I was a child.

The last year (1992) at the Academy represented to me to be the most important one.

I met my teacher and real “Maestro”, the Tuscan artist Riccardo Luchini, who recognised my talent thus motivating me to express my passion for painting.

During that year, I finished my studies at the Academy and won a scholarship for the artistic quality and maturity of my work.

I also won a prize in a National competition amongst all of the Art Academies across Italy,  called “La Verna award” organised by the municipality of Chiusi della Verna (Arezzo).

And then, I decided to become a painter.

Since then I have exhibited in solo or with other painters in various Italian location, some of those were:  Turin, Alessandria,  Carrara, Milano and many more.

In 1996  my son Sebastiano was born, who for me has always been a muse and an inspiration source.

In order to survive in Italy I had to take up every type of work including washing dishes, housecleaning and tour guiding etc. But the most important activities were workshops for children, often in cooperation with other creative operators, such as actors, musicians, writers and pedagogy.

My first Atelier was located inside a tower, in a byzantine village in north Tuscany, which for a long time was without electricity and rather bohemian.

Since 1997, I had began my life as a single mother.

In 1998, after a nomadic period of moving from one small village to another, I found in the small village of Mignegno (Tuscany) an ideal accommodation for me and my son Sebastiano. A huge old decadent house (around 12 century ) close to a river, with two empty rooms to use as an Atelier.

It was there that I created my Tuscan Atelier.

In 2002 I was selected for the prize “ La Bonda “ and invited to exhibit my work in the artist village of Bond’art in Northern Italy.

There the painter Giovanni Cerri noticed my work and invited me to exhibit in Milano.

After this cooperation my first catalogue was created.

In 2002  I moved to Barcelona for a social and artistic exchange between Italy and Spain.

I worked  at the “ Trac “ centre for artistic expression, under the guide of the artist and professor Annibar Riverol, in giving paintings lessons to children and adults. In 2003 I had an exhibition in Barcellona.

In the summer 2004 I started to performe live with my “ live painting “and I created big paintings during concerts in combination with completely different kinds of music.

To broaden my horizon and to find new opportunities in September 2004 I closed my Tuscan Atelier and moved to Holland.

In 2005 I settled in Bergen, a village with a long tradition of art and artists, on the east coast of The Netherlands.

Since then, I have exhibited in Amsterdam, Leiden, Hoorn, Bergen and Alkmaar.

Every year during the “ Kunstieendaagse “ ( 10 days with exhibitions, open studios, etc; a big event in Bergen which takes place in the last two weeks of October), I organize self exhibitions at my “ home studio”, and have already hosted many events.

Sometimes in solo, sometimes with other artists from different disciplines and sometimes with events or performances.

I was also invited as a professional artist to the Artiance artistic center in Alkmaar to participate at “Kunst tot de nacht “ and “Kunstpalet “. There I conducted two live paintings, “ Last incarnation “ and “ Paso doble “.

In summer of 2006,  during the festival “ Cibo per la mente ( Food for brain)”, I performed another live painting with the saxophonist Nicola Orioli.

In the 2008 edition of the “Bergense kuntiendaagse”, I organised, working together with other artists, the “4 elements project” with 4 women , 4 elements and 4 different artistic expressions inspiring each other work of paintings and sculptures, music and poems.

The result was a performance over the 4 elements (air, water, fire and earth ) with Music from piano and lir (lira) and with live painting, paintings and sculptures, exhibition and theatre, and poems and texts.

In April 2009 I exhibited again in Italy at “Il Caffé letterario di Parma”,  with a solo exhibition “The Alchemy of feminine”.

I also exhibited in The Netherlands by the “kunstelling” new centre for exhibitions and happenings in Alkmaar.

Between 2009 and 2010, I produced 9 monumental paintings, commissioned by the Dutch director Paul Kloote, as decor of the musical “The Good Vibrations”, a tribute to the Beach Boys, on tour in several theaters in the Netherlands, including Amsterdam, the Hague and Rotterdam.

During 2010 I decided, on my own initiative, to undergo a project on Tarots, thus I realized 22 Major Arcana on canvas, size 250 x 60 cm, some completely revamped, and others more faithful to the original version.

I then exhibited them in October 2010, at my home atelier for the 10 days of art in Bergen, as a work in progress, after that I changed some of them.

In 2011 I was selected at the international event “The Art of Tarots” Blissland Berlin dedicated to the art of tarots.

In June 2011 I organized in my atelier in Bergen, “La Stanza delle Donne” (the Women’s Room) an event where music and poetry inspire the creation of a painting live, with the Spanish guitarist Lola Clemente Conte. As the event was so successful I repeated it again in January 2012.

In October 2011 I was included in circuits Kunst10daagse of Bergen for her solo show.

February 2012  I partecipated at the Affordable Art Fair in Milan.

In February 2012 I was selected as artist of the week by RTVnoordholland for their reportage dedicated to art “Uit de kunst” with Rob Cerneus. They produced a nice short reportage on my work, about 3 minutes and broadcasted on February 16, and still available on line.

I’m currently having an exhibition at the ABRN-AMRO in Bergen until September, it’s a great opportunity to see my 36 painting live. Open from Monday to Friday.

The central topic of my work is the “Feminine”, of ancient great mothers and goddesses of evocation, symbols of fertility, force, creative energy and mysteries.

I am also giving painting lessons in Bergen at my home studio and at the European school, I also organise workshops  for privates and for companies as team building.

It is possible to visit the permanent exhibition at my studio by contacting me for an appointment via my email:

My paintings are  in various private collections in Italy, France, Switzerland, Sweden, Chile, The Netherlands, Spain, Luxembourg and Guadaloupe.